Tanka...Conglatuation / 金足農業高校、甲子園準優勝おめでとうございます!


Baseball Team
of Kanaashi Nogyo High School 
brought up by nature 
unites our spirits at Koushien


As one of Akita people, I dedicate to Kanaashi Nogyo High School's Baseball Team to take the second place of National High School Baseball Championship called Koushien.

Today, the final game of National High School Baseball Championship called Koushien in summer was over in Japan. Koushien is the most important game for high school baseball because at the game, the best team is judged of all Japanese high schools. And the baseball team of Kanaashi Nogyo (Agricultural) High School, which is the representative school of Akita Prefecture in this game, took the second place. This second place is very significant for us Akita people because the high school baseball team of Akita reached the final for the first time in 103 years. Players moved us very deeply. We cheered for them at Koushien or watching TV. Thank you so much for giving us the great impression!!

©2018 Rika Inami 稲美 里佳


Akita International Haiku/ Tanka 秋田インターナショナル俳句短歌 Aug.2018

たぶの木に炎暑鎮まる蚶満寺 揚羽の円舞に芭蕉を思ひ

heat waves calm down
thanks to the tabu tree
at Kanmanji temple --
a swallowtail butterfly’s round dance
reminds me of Basho

Tabu tree is Machlus Thumbergi.
Basho visited Kanmanji Temple in 1689.

©2018Rika Inami 稲美 里佳

秋田インターナショナル俳句、川柳、短歌ネットワークがアップデートされ、私の作品が10首掲載されました。アクセス宜しくお願い申し上げます。ページにアクセスして頂いたあと、タイトルの「稲美里香の短歌:Tanka by Rika Inami」をクリックして頂くとページが開かれます。お手数かけますが宜しくお願い申し上げます。https://akitahaiku.com/
My 10 Tankas are published at Akita International Haiku, Senryu and Tanka Network https://akitahaiku.com/ . Please check out the website and click the title <稲美里香の短歌:Tanka by Rika Inami>, and then you will read all of the page. Or click


having a peaceful nap
under the wise tree
wrapped by its foliage
swarm of hidden dreams appear

©Miriam Strauss



crape myrtle
eidolon of nirvana
stand still under the rosy shade
on the way to sanctuaries

Photograph & Tanka ©Noriyuki Sawada


Photo...A pair of cherry trees

Apair of cherry trees in late summer.
I watch them all the year round while morning-walking.
They are a very good couple. 



Tanka...Arrowroot Field 葛が原

葛が原 しげり葉かげり 阻みをり かなたの曇天ほの明るみ

arrowroot field--
massed-leaves' shadow blocks
my passage
the cloudy sky emitting 
subtle light yonder

©2018Rika Inami 稲美 里佳


Twilight harmonizing lace leaves
with silhouette of waking town--
Invisible sun conducts
an ephemeral living concerto

Photograph & Tanka by ©Noriyuki Sawada


I look to the light
Reflections of green leaves
Swaying in the breeze

©Robert Patterson

The following two lovely photographs are from My friend Marjorie Mahieu.




Tanka...Purple Link 紫のゆかり

紫の縁(ゆかり)とおもふ葛の花 葉月の繁りより咲きにける

arrowroot flowers
showing my purple link
between you and you
... and me bloom
from luxuriance in August


"Purple Link" means some connection.
In this piece, I used it as the link of friends, 
who I came across here Google+ in August a few years ago.
Then arrowroot (Kudzu) flowers were blooming.
In addition, "Purple Link (Connection)" is also said to be 
another name of "The Tale of Genji", which is a novel written
by Murasaki-Shikibi in the early years of  A.D. 11ct, the Heian period.

©2018Rika Inami稲美 里佳

arrowroot flowers
blooming between you and your smile
show me the pleasure...
for all that you do
your praise on me
my life gets its power

©Doreia Jewel Ragheb


between you and you
beautiful blossom
a purple candle
coming from inside

©Miriam Strauss



lingering harsh weather.
Lythrums are standing upright
in the heat haze
…reminice about my childhood
through the purple petals

Photographs &Tanka ©Noriuki Sawada


Dedicated to my beloved GrandMa💓

Through my veins,
my forest nymph is waiting to me
I bought you the apples
that you like"

Photograph & Tanka ©Pilar Hidalgo López


scented petals
purple bows and loving hearts
arrow roots

©Ashoka Weerakkody


©Ryuuji Suwa


Tanka for The Star Festival 七夕に


Fukakusa's death
because of visiting Ono Komachi
for one hundred nights
made his wish come true 
…love stays beyond this transient world


Today is the star festival called Tanabata according to the lunar calendar. Tanabata Lantern Painting Festival was held Aug. 5-7 in Yuzawa City, Akita, Japan. The phographs of the lantern painting were taken years ago by me. One painting shows  Ono Komachi, who is said to have been born in Yuzawa City and  was well-known as a  Waka/ Tanka poet in A.D.9ct. and the other shows a Major General, a noble Fukakusa, There is a love tragedy between them: Fukakusa very much loved Ono Komachi, who was known as a lady of great beauty, and he paid court to her.  However she did not accept his love, which might have made her feel bothersome because she was loved by many men, and she told him, “If you visit me every night for a one hundred days, I will accept your love”,   So Fukakusa tried to complete her assingnment but at one hundred night, on the way to he r house, he was killed in snow (storm).  It prevented him from waliking ahead and he fell down…
Ono Komachi was filled with grief of his death and she is said to have suffered from this for the rest of her life.
Seeing the lantern paintings made me compose some tankas and I posted one of them here.

©Rika Inami稲美 里佳



©Ryuuji Suwa


one hundred nights
extended in the eternity
waiting to seal the love
full of lanterns

©Miriam Straus


身を焼いて までも恋うるか 夜燈の蛾

©豊田 隆志


thousand storms and droughts
thousand days and nights
looking back
you were there
…supreme Love

Photograph & Tanka ©Noriyuki Sawada


beauty's worth
paying with life to win her heart

fragile lantern

©Ashoka Weerakkody


Oh spirits surround me
I want to dance on the breeze
Nothing to hold me
Moving journey
To our our hearts and minds of my being

©Robert Patterson



Tanka...Day Lily 忘れ草a1808

諸霊降りくる葉月たち 忘れ草 炎炎と咲く野辺を行きたり

spirits descend
from another world in August
day lilies 
ablaze ablaze in the field
recalling each, I go on ... 


One of the biggest events for Japanese Buddhists called Obon is held August 13-15 here. During Obon, it is said that spirits of the deceased come from the other world to this world and we console them with decorating the family Buddhist altar and visiting the grave. Before Obon, the star festival is held to prepare for welcoming them and after Obon, Bonodori ( dance) or so on is also held to see off them, so I think of August as the spiritual month.

©2018Rika Inami 稲美里佳


My soul floats on the breeze .
It flows to find the peace full
Be happy with what we are.

©Robert Patterson


a warm August
the encounter with a different world
where flowers blossom from the light

©Miriam Strauss


The modest Rose puts forth a thorn:
The humble Sheep, a threatning horn:
While Lilly is bright, shall in Love delight,
Nor a thorn nor a threat stain her beauty bright.

©grigoriy kozarevskiy


flesh is absorbed into the earth
spirit flies away
... the swing of the pendulum

Photograph & Tanaka ©Noriyuki Sawada


day lilie
flaming amidst the green
nature's obon

©Hannes Froelich


孫と遊べ 精霊バッタ 墓掃除

©豊田 隆志



the walls of silence
nest the serene step
the candle asks
to fear, to eternal, no time…
makeup made of stone

©Pilar Hidalgo López


精霊も 子や孫たちも 盆帰省

©豊田 隆志